Authors: Representative Sharon Negele

Co-authors: Representative Cherrish Pryor, Representative Timothy Wesco, Representative Robert Cherry


Provides the following for annexation ordinances adopted on or after January 1, 2015: (1) Changes the annexation remonstrance process to be similar to the remonstrance process found in property tax statutes. (2) Removes certain judicial intervention in the annexation remonstrance process and the elements required to prevail at a remonstrance hearing. (3) Allows only the owners of nontax exempt property to sign a remonstrance. (4) Allows a municipality to exempt property from property tax liability for municipal purposes if the property is used for agricultural purposes (instead of classified as agricultural for zoning purposes). (5) Requires a landowner-initiated annexation to occur if at least 7/8 of the territory's boundaries are contiguous to the municipality. (6) Requires a fiscal plan to address the expected fiscal impact of the annexation on political subdivisions and taxpayers. (7) Provides that the annexation fiscal plan is similar to plans required for local government mergers and reorganizations, and requires the fiscal plan to be approved by the department of local government finance for accuracy and viability. (8) Requires remonstrators' consent to amend a fiscal plan after a remonstrance is filed. (9) Requires a municipality to conduct an outreach program to inform citizens about a proposed annexation. After December 31, 2014, requires the clerk of the municipality to file a certified copy of a judgment in favor of annexation that is final and unappealable. Requires, for an annexation effective after December 31, 2014, that the county legislative body approve a municipal advisory plan commission's exercise of territorial planning and zoning jurisdiction within two miles of annexation territory.