Horse racing matters.

Authors: Representative Robert Cherry

Co-authors: Representative Don Lehe, Representative William Friend, Representative Terri Jo Austin, Representative Terry Goodin

Sponsors: Senator Luke Kenley, Senator Philip Boots

Co-Sponsors: Senator James Arnold


Provides that the minimum salary per diem for a member of the Indiana horse racing commission equals the maximum per diem amount that an employee of the executive branch of the federal government receives. Changes the appointment process for members of breed development advisory committees and the process to appoint new members. Changes the distribution of funds to promote horses and horse racing. Authorizes advance deposit wagers on horse racing. Provides that each permit holder shall pay to the horse racing commission as an advance deposit wagering fee an amount equal to 20% of the net source market fee received from a licensed SPMO. Requires the commission to transfer the advance deposit wagering fees to the auditor of state for deposit in the meat and poultry fund. Provides that after the payment of all such advance deposit wagering fees to the commission, a permit holder shall distribute 50% of the remaining part of the net source market fee it receives from a licensed SPMO to horsemen's associations. Establishes the meat and poultry fund as a nonreverting fund. Provides that the state board of animal health may use money in the fund only for purposes of carrying out its powers and duties under the meat and poultry inspection laws. Deletes the provision in current law specifying that 15% of the money deposited in the gaming integrity fund shall be transferred to the state board of animal health.