Deregulation of K-12 education.

Authors: Representative Randy Truitt

Co-authors: Representative Anthony Cook


Makes amendments to or repeals certain provisions that: (1) require the department of education (department) to review school construction plans; (2) provide the state board of education (state board) authority to make rules and guidelines for school media centers and libraries; (3) provide the state board authority to make rules governing cheerleading; (4) require certain military family reporting; (5) require certain qualifications for school social workers; (6) require professional development as part of a school improvement plan; (7) pertain to restraint and seclusion policies; (8) pertain to annual performance reports; (9) pertain to metropolitan school districts; (10) require the reporting of, other than ISTEP program results, standardized test results; (11) require certain tuition support reporting; (12) relate to curricular materials; (13) establish the number of members on a case review panel for athletics; (14) require schools to verify certain claims over $100; (15) pertain to waivers of notices for meetings of the governing body; (16) pertain to school board terms and vacancies; (17) pertain to teacher contracts; (18) pertain to Arbor Day; (19) sets requirements on how performance based awards may be used by schools; (20) require mandatory accreditation of schools; and (21) relate to a school's strategic and continuous school improvement plan.