Ordinances related to building and housing laws.

Authors: Representative Jud McMillin

Co-authors: Representative Sean Eberhart, Representative Sheila Klinker

Sponsors: Senator Philip Boots, Senator James Buck, Senator Brandt Hershman


Specifies that an ordinance or other regulation adopted by a political subdivision that qualifies as a fire safety law or a building law: (1) must be submitted to the fire prevention and building safety commission (commission) for review within 30 days of adoption by the political subdivision; and (2) is not effective until the ordinance or regulation: (A) is approved by the commission; or (B) is approved automatically if the commission does not approve or deny the ordinance or regulation within four commission meetings. Requires the commission to specify the basis for the commission's denial of a local ordinance or regulation. Provides that a state agency or political subdivision may not require a person or entity to obtain or maintain, or both, a license to install or maintain a low voltage thermostat of 50 volts or less. Establishes procedures for the commission's program for review of adopted ordinances and other regulations. Prohibits a county, municipality, or township from adopting an ordinance that requires or would have the effect of requiring a landlord to participate in: (1) a Section 8 program of the federal Housing Act of 1937; or (2) a similar program concerning housing.