State registration of privately certified individuals.

Authors: Representative Jud McMillin

Co-authors: Representative Jerry Torr, Representative Kevin Mahan, Representative Woody Burton

Sponsors: Senator Patricia Miller, Senator Jon Ford

Advisors: Representative Jerry Torr, Representative Kevin Mahan, Representative Charles Moseley, Representative John Bartlett


Establishes a pilot project under which individuals who practice a certain occupation that is not a regulated profession under Indiana law can become "state registered" and be listed as practitioners of their occupation on the electronic registry of professions. However, provides that an individual may not be state registered in connection with any health care occupation or any occupation for which a person is licensed, certified, or registered by the Indiana plumbing commission. Provides that an individual, to become state registered, must hold a certification or credential from a supporting organization (a national organization or Indiana chapter of a national organization that exists solely to serve practitioners of a particular occupation) that is approved by the executive director of the professional licensing agency (agency). Requires the jobs creation committee to evaluate an application for the approval of a supporting organization, hold a public hearing, and make a recommendation to the executive director of the agency. Requires the executive director, after receiving the recommendation, to decide whether to approve the supporting organization. Provides that the executive director can approve not more than five supporting organizations. Prohibits the executive director from approving a supporting organization if any action performed within the scope of practice of individuals who have earned a certification from the supporting organization is the same as or substantially similar to an action within the scope of practice of a profession licensed under Indiana law. Provides that an individual must meet certain additional requirements and conditions to be state registered, including not being delinquent in paying taxes or child support and not having committed a crime having a direct bearing on the individual's ability to practice competently and lawfully. Requires the agency to review changes in an approved supporting organization's credentialing requirements or in the scope of practice of the occupation supported by an approved supporting organization. Authorizes the agency to remove an individual from the electronic registry under certain circumstances. Provides that not being state registered does not prevent an individual from practicing the same occupation as individuals who are state registered. Requires the executive director to report to the legislative council on the pilot project not later than November 1, 2017. Provides for the pilot project to expire April 1, 2018.