Mentor teachers; national board certification.

Authors: Representative Randy Truitt


Provides for the development of a mentoring program for beginning teachers, teachers who receive a designation of "improvement necessary" or "ineffective", teachers who request the assignment of a mentor, and teachers who are seeking national board certification. Requires the department of education to provide training through educational service centers for teachers who meet certain requirements and wish to become mentors. Provides that a teacher who serves as a mentor receives an annual salary supplement of $500 for each teacher who is receiving mentoring services. Establishes the goal that by 2035, there will be at least one teacher who is certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (national board) in every public school. Establishes the teachers' national board certification incentive fund for purposes of: (1) reimbursing 50% of the national board certification fee; and (2) funding stipends for national board certified teachers who serve as mentors to other teachers. Provides for an annual salary supplement of $1,000 for a national board certified teacher.