Transborder groundwater authority.

Authors: Representative Steven Stemler

Co-authors: Representative Terry Goodin


Establishes the Indiana-Kentucky transborder groundwater authority (authority). Requires the authority to study ownership rights in the groundwater resources shared by Indiana and Kentucky and to explore the desirability of entering into an interstate compact with Kentucky concerning the use of the groundwater underlying southern Indiana and northern Kentucky. Authorizes a county that borders the Ohio River or that borders another county that borders the Ohio River to elect to participate in the authority. Provides for the authority to include elected officials from municipal and county government in the participating counties, county health officers of the participating counties, a member of the board of the soil and water conservation district of a participating county, and the director of the department of natural resources. Authorizes the authority to invite government officials from Kentucky to attend the authority's meetings and advise the authority. Authorizes the authority to receive grants and appropriations from governmental and private sources. Provides that participating counties may appropriate money for the authority's budget. Requires the state board of accounts to prescribe the methods and forms for keeping and to periodically audit the accounts, records, and books of the authority. Provides that the authority expires July 1, 2020.