Insurance matters.

Authors: Representative Matthew Lehman

Co-authors: Representative Christina Hale, Representative Richard Hamm

Sponsors: Senator Travis Holdman, Senator Greg Walker

Co-Sponsors: Senator Frank Mrvan, Senator Lonnie Randolph


Requires disregard of a spouse's assets in Medicaid eligibility determinations related to long term care insurance. Corrects a conflict concerning payment of expenses of the department of insurance (department) from the general fund. Amends the law concerning internal audits of domestic insurer and insurer group financial statements. Requires an insurer or insurance group to file with the commissioner of insurance an annual corporate governance disclosure. Specifies requirements concerning use and disclosure of information related to the annual corporate governance disclosure. Removes a requirement for placement of the insurance commissioner's (commissioner) signature on approval of a proposed insurer. Defines "designated home state license" and provides for the licensure for certain out of state insurance producers. Specifies a designated home state license fee. Adds certain: (1) guarantees made by an insurer; and (2) acquisitions or investments; to the list of transactions between a domestic insurer and another person in an insurance holding company system that require prior notice to the commissioner. Repeals and replaces a section of the public adjuster law concerning public adjuster violations and penalties. Excludes information related to title insurance from the law concerning electronic posting or delivery of insurance notices and documents. Removes a requirement that a policy insure more than four automobiles for purposes of application of the law concerning cancellation of automobile insurance policies. Provides for issuance of group casualty and liability insurance in certain circumstances. Allows the department to adopt emergency rules to conform the definition of "small employer" to federal law. Provides for registration renewal annually on the last day of the month of issuance, rather than on June 30 of each year, for claim review agents and utilization review agents. Removes an annual reporting requirement by the police benefit fund to the department of insurance.