Domestic violence.

Authors: Representative Karlee Macer


Requires the criminal justice institute (institute) to compile information concerning crimes that involve domestic violence and submit the information to the National Incident-Based Reporting System maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Requires, instead of allows, the victim services division of the institute to make grants from the domestic violence prevention and treatment fund. Requires each county to establish and operate a domestic violence shelter in the county to assist victims of domestic violence in the county. Provides that, upon a finding of a violation of an order for protection concerning a victim of domestic or family violence, a court shall require the person who violated the order to wear a GPS tracking device. Requires a facility having custody of a person arrested for a crime of domestic violence to keep the person in custody for at least 24 hours instead of at least eight hours from the time of the person's arrest. Allows a sentencing court to consider as a mitigating factor the fact that a person who was convicted of: (1) a crime involving the use of force against another person; or (2) murdering another person; had been the victim of an act of domestic violence committed by the other person. Makes it a Class B misdemeanor for a person to knowingly or intentionally dismiss an employee, deprive an employee of employment benefits, or threaten such a dismissal or deprivation: (1) because the employee attended a court proceeding or participated in a law enforcement investigation related to a criminal case in which the employee is a crime victim or attended a court proceeding related to a civil case in which the employee is a victim of domestic or family violence; (2) because an order for protection has been issued on the employee's behalf; or (3) because the employee is a victim of family violence.