Leave for victims of domestic or family violence.

Authors: Representative Cindy Kirchhofer


Provides for up to 30 days of safe leave in a 12 month period for an employee to deal with issues related to domestic or family violence. Permits an employee to take unpaid safe leave for up to three consecutive days per absence. Provides that an employee accrues one day of paid safe leave for every 30 days worked, beginning on the ninety-first day after the employee's date of hire. Allows an employer to require documentation of an employee's eligibility for safe leave. Requires an employee to make a good faith effort to provide advance notice to the employer of the need for safe leave whenever the need is foreseeable. Provides that an employer shall not: (1) interfere with, restrain, or deny the exercise of or the attempt to exercise any right related to safe leave; or (2) use an employee's taking of safe leave as a negative factor in an employment action. Provides that an employee may bring a civil action at law to enforce rights related to safe leave, and a circuit court may: (1) enjoin any act or practice that violates the chapter; and (2) order any other equitable relief that is just and proper. Requires every employer to post in a conspicuous place a notice describing the right to safe leave.