Various tax matters.

Authors: Representative Todd Huston

Co-authors: Representative Timothy Brown

Sponsors: Senator Brandt Hershman, Senator Travis Holdman

Co-Sponsors: Senator Lonnie Randolph

Advisors: Representative Timothy Brown, Representative Mike Braun, Representative Cherrish Pryor, Representative Gail Riecken


Provides that the equipment eligible for the double direct sales tax exemption includes material handling equipment purchased for the purpose of transporting materials into production activities from an onsite location. Specifies that the double direct sales tax exemption applies to agricultural machinery, tools, and equipment that is acquired for timber harvesting. Eliminates various adjustments to income for purposes of determining Indiana adjusted gross income. Eliminates various income tax exemptions, deductions, and credits. Specifies that certain tax credits for the preservation or rehabilitation of historic property certified before 2016 may be claimed or carried forward in future taxable years notwithstanding the elimination of the tax credit in 2016. Provides that business income is all income apportionable to the state under the Constitution of the United States. Provides that, for purposes of the sales factor, sales of tangible personal property are not considered to be made in this state if the property is shipped from the location of a third-party logistics services provider in this state. Broadens the addback to Indiana adjusted gross income related to intercompany interest expenses. Provides for a tax amnesty program. Makes technical corrections and conforming amendments.