Environmental variances and other matters.

Authors: Representative David Wolkins

Sponsors: Senator Ed Charbonneau, Senator Douglas Eckerty


Makes the following changes concerning variances from environmental rules: (1) If a variance would be in effect for more than one year: (A) the application for the variance must include a demonstration of how the applicant would come into compliance with the rule within the period for which the variance would be in effect; and (B) the variance, if granted, must include a compliance schedule requiring that compliance be achieved while the variance is in effect; and (C) the variance may be revoked for failure to comply with the compliance schedule. (2) Eliminates the renewal of variances, except for variances from certain water quality standards. Authorizes the department of environmental management (department) to require the submission of information or documents electronically. Requires the department to offer certification examinations for certain water treatment plant operator and water distribution system operator certifications at least once per year. Authorizes the commissioner of the department to authorize independent third parties to administer additional certification examinations. Allows the commissioner to provide certain notices to persons by a means other than by mail. Provides that the offsite location of compensatory mitigation required of a person proposing a wetland activity in a state regulated wetland may be within a designated service area established in an approved in lieu fee mitigation program. Provides for solid waste disposal fees and state solid waste management fees to be remitted to the department on a quarterly basis and for hazardous waste disposal fees to be paid to the department on or before March 1 of the year following the year in which they accrue. Provides that a recycler that elects to report its recycling activities on an annual basis shall, before March 1 of 2016 and of each succeeding calendar year, submit to the commissioner a report on the recycling activities conducted by the recycler during the previous calendar year. Eliminates the requirement that a manufacturer of video display devices report annually to the department the total weight of video display devices sold to households.