Motor vehicle regulatory authority, salvage, and leasing.

Authors: Representative Edmond Soliday

Sponsors: Senator Michael Crider, Senator Carlin Yoder, Senator Dennis Kruse

Co-Sponsors: Senator Lonnie Randolph


Makes various changes concerning the dealer services division (division) within the office of the secretary of state. Establishes new requirements for an applicant for a vehicle salvaging license. Requires an automotive salvage recycler that purchases a vehicle to report the purchase of the vehicle to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System not later than 30 days after the purchase. Changes the term applied to a certain type of facility from "disposal facility" to "recycling facility". Makes changes in provisions concerning the issuance of an offsite motor vehicle sales permit (formerly, offsite sales license) and adds new provisions concerning the issuance of an out-of-state dealer special event permit. Provides for the certification of distributor representatives and manufacturer representatives and eliminates distributor representatives and manufacturer representatives from the definition of "dealer". Makes certain changes corresponding to the elimination, by a 2014 act, of the wholesale dealer's license. Changes certain requirements concerning the delivery of a motor vehicle certificate of title. Repeals and relocates provisions concerning disclosures required in motor vehicle leases and transfers authority over motor vehicle leases from the division to the office of the attorney general. Makes corresponding changes.