Northwest Indiana regional development authority.

Authors: Representative Edmond Soliday

Co-authors: Representative Harold Slager, Representative Charlie Brown

Sponsors: Senator Ed Charbonneau, Senator Earline Rogers

Co-Sponsors: Senator Karen Tallian, Senator Lonnie Randolph


Provides for direct distributions of riverboat admissions taxes and supplemental distributions to the northwest Indiana regional development authority (RDA) to satisfy the obligations of Lake County, East Chicago, Gary, and Hammond to annually transfer money to the RDA. Eliminates the requirement (in current law) that the certified public accountant who conducts the annual audit of the Gary airport authority also: (1) perform a study and evaluation of the airport authority's internal accounting controls; and (2) express an opinion regrading the audit controls. Provides that the RDA may fund projects only to the extent that the project is consistent with certain duties imposed upon the RDA or the Marquette Plan. Provides that funding a project is subject to review by the state budget committee. Establishes a goal for projects of the RDA to employ and retain a certain percentage of local residences from cities in the northwest Indiana region with a high unemployment rate. Requires the RDA to include in the RDA's annual report to the legislative council: (1) a report on the progress toward meeting the goal for the previous year; (2) obstacles to achieving the goal; and (3) the use of the northwest Indiana plan. Defines "northwest Indiana plan" as the activities of the Indiana plan for equal employment in its northwest Indiana region. Provides for the intercept of gaming tax revenue to recover unpaid transfers to the RDA occurring before July 1, 2015.