State examiner, attorney general, and prosecuting attorneys.

Authors: Representative Harold Slager

Co-authors: Representative Bill Fine

Sponsors: Senator Rick Niemeyer


Provides that if the state examiner of the state board of accounts: (1) refers to a prosecuting attorney certain violations of the law that were committed by a local public officer concerning the state examiner or the state board of accounts; and (2) discovers that a subsequent, unrelated violation has been committed by the local public officer; the state examiner may refer the matter to the attorney general. Allows the attorney general to: (1) bring a civil action to remove the local public officer from office; and (2) combine the civil action with a civil proceeding to recover any public funds misappropriated, diverted, or unaccounted for. Requires a prosecuting attorney and the attorney general to assist the state examiner upon the state examiner's request when a certified examination report shows or discloses the commission of a crime by certain persons.