Foreclosure prevention and post-foreclosure leases.

Authors: Representative Dan Forestal


Requires a court, in a mortgage foreclosure action with respect to an occupied dwelling, to consider evidence concerning the effect of the foreclosure. Requires the court to withhold entry of judgment in a foreclosure action for 180 days if the court finds: (1) entry of a judgment of foreclosure will have a negative effect on the occupant or neighborhood or may lead to the house becoming vacant; and (2) there is a reasonable possibility that withholding entry of judgment in a foreclosure action will reduce the negative effects. Permits a court to require a mortgagee to rent a dwelling to the debtor after entry of the judgment of foreclosure if the mortgagee does not intend to file a praecipe for sale within 60 days after entry of the judgment and certain other conditions are met. Provides that certain maintenance obligations that apply to landlords do not apply to a mortgagee-landlord.