Department of child services.

Authors: Representative Kevin Mahan

Co-authors: Representative Wendy McNamara, Representative Doug Miller, Representative Vanessa Summers

Sponsors: Senator Randall Head, Senator Travis Holdman, Senator Erin Houchin

Co-Sponsors: Senator James Arnold, Senator Lonnie Randolph, Senator Patricia Miller


Makes changes to the child services and juvenile laws concerning the following: (1) Criminal history background checks. (2) Exception of certain governmental employees to licensing or certification requirements of social workers and counselors. (3) The responsibilities of the department of child services. (4) Transitional services plans for certain individuals receiving foster care or collaborative care. (5) Regional service strategic plans. (6) Foster care. (7) Detention of children alleged to be children in needs of services. (8) Case plans for children in need of services. (9) Dispositional decrees and review of disposition decrees concerning children in needs of services. (10) Dispositional decrees and review of dispositional decrees concerning delinquent children. Repeals provisions concerning local plans for the provision of child protection services.