Criminal law matters.

Authors: Representative Dale DeVon


Allows a county fiscal body to establish a mileage based service of process fee that is reasonably related to the expenses of serving process. Provides that, for the purpose of establishing or modifying the amount of bail, a defendant's dangerousness must be proved by a preponderance of the evidence. (Under current law, dangerousness must be proved by clear and convincing evidence.) Requires a court to immediately revoke bail if a defendant fails to appear at any stage of the proceedings and is charged with certain offenses. Specifies that "victim notification capabilities", with respect to a GPS tracking device, includes the ability of the device to notify a victim if the device comes within a specified distance of a receiver possessed by the victim. Authorizes a court to require the subject of a civil protection order to wear a GPS device with victim notification capabilities if it appears from the petition that domestic violence has occurred. Specifies the conditions under which removing a GPS tracking device constitutes the crime of escape. Increases the penalty for voluntary manslaughter to a Level 1 felony if it is committed with a deadly weapon.