Natural resources matters.

Authors: Representative Sean Eberhart

Co-authors: Representative Clyde Kersey, Representative Lloyd Arnold, Representative Terry Goodin

Sponsors: Senator Susan Glick, Senator Frank Mrvan


Allows the department of administration to sell abandoned railroad corridor property to an adjacent landowner under certain conditions. Adds supplies purchased for resale at properties owned or managed by the department of natural resources (department) to the purchases exempt from the public purchasing requirements. Allows the state forester to use a geographic information system for classified land inspections if a landowner chooses to not accompany the state forester on the inspection. Provides that certain information concerning an endangered species may be kept confidential. Allows the director of the department to issue an order vacating a public highway within property owned or managed by the department. Provides that rules adopted by the department concerning the use of motorized carts at state parks and recreation areas must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Allows the natural resources commission (commission) to set the compensation rate for the development of game bird habitats. Specifies that certain restrictions on the transfer of fish do not apply to the roe bearing fish that are separately regulated as roe bearing fish. Allows licenses, stamps, and permits of the department that are purchased electronically to be validated through an electronic affirmation. Provides that trout and salmon stamps are electronically generated. Provides that a duplicate license to hunt, trap, or fish is valid only with the signature or electronic affirmation of the licensee. Establishes the date by which a fur buyer's report must be submitted to the department. Provides that a law enforcement officer may seize certain animals and items if certain laws are violated. (Current law requires seizure.) Allows certain floodway permits to be renewed for five years. Transfers control of the flood control revolving fund from the commission to the Indiana finance authority. Increases the amount of a surety bond that a timber buyer must pay to engage in the business of timber buying in Indiana. Increases the maximum security required for a timber buyer's license to $50,000 beginning January 1, 2017. Removes the requirement that a timber buyer designate a principle agent. Makes conforming and stylistic changes.