Hunting preserves.

Authors: Representative Sean Eberhart

Co-authors: Representative Daniel Leonard, Representative David Ober, Representative Don Lehe

Sponsors: Senator Susan Glick, Senator Mark Messmer, Senator Carlin Yoder

Co-Sponsors: Senator Brent Steele, Senator Jean Leising


Provides for the initial licensing and operation of hunting preserves: (1) on which Indiana farm raised and released cervidae are hunted; and (2) that operated during the 2014 calendar year. Establishes licensing requirements, inspection requirements, and fees. Exempts licensed hunting preserves from the licensing requirements for game breeders and shooting preserves. Provides that hunters on hunting preserves are required to have a special hunting license. Specifies that the fee for the special hunting license is equal to the fee for a nonresident annual hunting license. Provides that hunters are not subject to bag limits. Requires that a transportation tag be purchased and affixed to each cervidae taken on a hunting preserve. Prohibits computer assisted remote hunting on hunting preserves. Establishes penalties for certain violations.