Various pension matters.

Authors: Representative Martin Carbaugh

Co-authors: Representative Woody Burton, Representative Dan Forestal, Representative David Niezgodski

Sponsors: Senator Liz Brown, Senator Dennis Kruse

Co-Sponsors: Senator Karen Tallian

Advisors: Representative Woody Burton, Representative Robert Heaton, Representative David Niezgodski, Representative Charles Moseley


Provides that an employer that is eligible but not required to participate in the public employees' retirement fund (PERF) must pay the employer's share of the unfunded liability attributable to the employer's current and former employees if the employer withdraws from PERF or otherwise phases out its participation in PERF. Establishes a procedure by which a political subdivision may participate in the defined contribution only plan (the plan) and choose whether the political subdivision's employees participate in PERF, the plan, or may elect whether to participate in PERF or the plan. Provides that an ordinance or resolution adopted by the governing body of a political subdivision that specifies the departmental, occupational, or other definable classification of employees: (1) who are required to become members of the plan; or (2) who may elect whether to become members of PERF or of the plan; may not take effect before January 2, 2016. Permits a political subdivision that allows its employees to make an election to choose a default option for employees who fail to do so. Provides that the default option is PERF, if a political subdivision does not choose a default option. Permits a political subdivision to establish its employer contribution rate to the plan and to elect to match a percentage of its employees' additional contributions to the plan. Requires the board of trustees (board) of the Indiana public retirement system (INPRS) to assess an employer a supplemental contribution to PERF, if necessary, to fund the employer's share of the actuarial accrued liability that is unfunded because the employer's employees are members of the plan rather than PERF. Requires the board to notify the interim study committee for pension management oversight (interim committee) if the board determines contributions and contribution rates for one or more employers participating in PERF or the teachers' retirement fund (TRF) that differ from the contributions and contribution rates recommended by the INPRS actuaries. For purposes of the statutes allowing the state to make an election or take discretionary action under the public retirement system laws, specifies which entities may make the election or take the action. Requires the office of management and budget to report to the interim committee each year concerning information received from political subdivisions about the subdivisions' retirement plans other than plans administered by INPRS. Requires participation in the plan by an entity or political subdivision that withdraws from or freezes participation in PERF and thereafter offers its employees a retirement benefit. Requires any other public employer that is eligible but not required to participate in PERF and that wishes to offer a retirement benefit to an employee after June 30, 2015, to participate in either PERF or the plan. Grandfathers participation in another defined contribution plan for entities, political subdivisions, and other public employers participating in another plan on July 1, 2015. Provides that after June 30, 2016, a retired member of PERF or TRF may change the member's beneficiary, if the member and the member's designated beneficiary are no longer in a relationship that caused the member to make the original beneficiary designation. Permits a retired member of the 1977 police officers' and firefighters' pension and disability fund (1977 fund) who is at least 55 years of age to: (1) be rehired by the same unit that employed the member in a position covered by the 1977 fund for a position not covered by the 1977 fund without a minimum period of separation from employment; and (2) continue to receive the member's retirement benefit from the 1977 fund.