County option property tax replacement fee.

Authors: Representative Michael Karickhoff

Co-authors: Representative Edward Clere, Representative Edward DeLaney

Sponsors: Senator Brandt Hershman


Permits a county council or county income tax council to establish an annual property tax replacement fee on any parcel receiving assessed value deductions or property tax credits (except for a parcel receiving a deduction or credit based on an individual's age, military or veteran's status, or a disability, including a spouse who is eligible for the deduction or credit) that reduce the annual property tax liability on the parcel to less than $200. Provides that the minimum annual amount due in property taxes plus the property tax replacement fee must be set by ordinance to be at least $100 and not more than $200. Changes the county option amount from $25 to $100 for requiring the payment of property taxes and the property tax replacement fee, if any, in the May installment. Provides that the property tax replacement fee is not considered delinquent unless it is not paid by the November installment date even in a county that requires payment of taxes in the May installment.