Various education issues.

Authors: Representative Jeffrey Thompson

Sponsors: Senator Dennis Kruse, Senator Scott Schneider

Advisors: Representative Robert Behning, Representative Anthony Cook, Representative Wendy McNamara, Representative Terri Jo Austin, Representative Sue Errington, Representative Justin Moed


Adds "school psychologist" to the definition of "teacher" for the purposes of teacher preparation and licensing. Requires an election for a student to have legal settlement in the school corporation whose attendance area contains the residence of the student's mother or father to be made on a yearly basis and apply throughout the school year unless the student's parent no longer resides within the attendance area of the school corporation. Provides that the visual acuity required of a school bus driver is not required of a school bus monitor. Provides that an accredited school may not offer, support, or promote a student program, class, or activity that provides student instruction that is contrary to a curriculum required to be provided to students. Requires the department of education to allow the use of computer or digital response technology to complete a statewide, national, or international student assessment. Provides that a school corporation or school may allow a student to use computer or digital response technology to complete an assessment. Provides that factfinding initiated by the Indiana education employment relations board (IEERB) may not last more than 30 days. Provides that the board must rule on an appeal within 60 days. Provides the factfinding process may not exceed 30 days. Urges the legislative council to assign to an existing study committee the topics of: (1) determining appropriate and feasible incentives to encourage highly effective teachers to teach in poorly performing schools; and (2) the feasibility of changing timelines related to teacher collective bargaining and impasse resolution.