Local government fees and funds.

Authors: Representative Jeffrey Thompson


Provides that the maximum property tax rates for county cumulative capital development funds, municipal cumulative capital development funds, and fire protection territory equipment replacement funds will no longer be adjusted each year to account for the change in assessed value that results from a reassessment or the annual adjustment of assessed values. Requires a person issued a tax deed or a sheriff's deed to file the deed for recording not more than 10 days after the date the county auditor or the sheriff issues the tax deed. Requires a county recorder to collect a recording fee set by county ordinance of at least $5 but not more than $150 for each tax deed or sheriff's deed that is not timely filed. Provides that the county recorder may not collect a fee for a deed that is timely filed by the sheriff. Allows a city or town with a law enforcement agency that prosecutes at least one ordinance violation in a circuit or superior court of the county to collect a share of the semiannual distribution of certain court fees. (Current law requires a city or town to prosecute at least 50% of the city's or town's ordinance violations in the circuit or superior court to receive a share of the semiannual distribution of court fees.)