Police reserve officers.

Authors: Representative Peggy Mayfield

Co-authors: Representative Linda Lawson, Representative Lloyd Arnold, Representative Sheila Klinker


Provides that town police reserve officers are eligible for a line of duty death benefit from the special death benefit fund. Provides that a county, city, or town shall furnish without charge to a police reserve officer (officer) who is injured or contracts an illness in the course of or as the result of performing duties as an officer all necessary physician, surgical, hospital, and nursing services and supplies and that this obligation supersedes any obligations that another medical insurance carrier has to pay the officer's medical expenses. Provides that a county, city, or town may provide to an officer who is unable to pursue the officer's usual vocation as the result of an injury or illness occurring in the course of or as the result of the performance of duties as an officer a weekly amount equal to the Indiana minimum wage computed on the basis of a 40 hour work week for a maximum of 260 weeks. Provides that a county, city, or town may meet its obligations by purchasing policies of group insurance, establishing a plan of self-insurance, or participating in the medical treatment and burial expense provisions of the worker's compensation and occupational diseases law. Provides that, if a unit elects not to provide a lost income benefit, the unit shall annually provide a written notice to each officer in the unit that the unit does not provide a benefit and obtain from each officer in the unit a written acknowledgment that the officer has received the notice.