Various local government issues.

Authors: Representative Greg Beumer

Co-authors: Representative Robert Behning

Sponsors: Senator Jeff Raatz, Senator Randall Head

Co-Sponsors: Senator Lonnie Randolph


Provides the following with regard to a permit required to move or transfer title to a mobile home: (1) The permit must be issued by the county treasurer not later than two business days after a completed permit application is received. (2) The permit expires 90 days after the date the permit is issued. Requires the owner of a mobile home to obtain a new permit if the owner wishes to move, or transfer title to, the mobile home after expiration of the original permit. Requires the county auditor, rather than the county treasurer, to give notice of tax rates in the county. Provides that 48 hours notice of a special meeting of the county executive must be given. (Under current law, six days notice must be given of a special meeting of the county executive.)