Sewer connection matters.

Authors: Representative Greg Beumer


Provides that a not-for-profit public sewer utility or a regional sewage district may not require a property owner to connect to the utility's or district's sewer system if certain conditions are met. Requires a not-for-profit public sewer utility or regional sewage district to: (1) provide property owners with a form for use in applying for an exemption under those certain conditions; (2) respond in writing to each exemption application; (3) if denying an application, explain to the applicant why the application is denied and what steps the applicant must take to qualify for the exemption; and (4) allow an applicant 270 days after receiving a response within which to qualify for the exemption by taking those steps. Prohibits a local health department from denying a property owner's application for the installation of a residential onsite sewage system if the property owner demonstrates to the local health department that the property, with the installation of the proposed residential onsite sewage system, will meet the conditions for an exemption from the requirement to connect to the sewer system of a not-for-profit public sewer utility or a regional sewage district. Provides for the members of the board of trustees of a regional water, sewage, or solid waste district to be elected at an annual meeting of the owners of property located in the district. Eliminates provisions concerning the appointment of board members. Provides for the filling of a vacancy on a board. Requires that the terms of the members of a board be staggered so that no more than 1/3 of the members are elected in any year. Provides that, for purposes of rates and charges for the sewage works of a regional district, the sewage works are to be considered as benefiting only properties connected to the sewer system, not properties that are not yet connected. Provides that if a lien for rates or charges assessed by a regional sewage district is the only lien being collected on a property, the lien may not be foreclosed at a tax sale or otherwise.