Veterans' matters.

Authors: Representative Steven Davisson

Co-authors: Representative Lloyd Arnold, Representative Karlee Macer, Representative Charles Moseley


Requires the state lottery commission to adopt rules to establish a scratch off game to benefit Indiana veterans. Deposits revenue from sales of tickets for the scratch off game into the veterans' affairs trust fund. Provides that an individual may request an indication of the individual's status as a surviving spouse of a veteran on the individual's driver's license or state identification card. (Current law provides only for an indication of veteran status.) Provides for space on state income tax forms to enable taxpayers to donate all or part of the taxpayer's tax refund to the veterans' affairs trust fund. Removes the four year appointment term for county and city service officers. Requires the department of veterans' affairs, in consultation with various state agencies and organizations, to establish a uniform definition of "Hoosier veteran". Authorizes the department of veterans' affairs to assume control over the unclaimed remains of veterans in certain circumstances.