Enterprise zones.

Authors: Representative Thomas Dermody

Co-authors: Representative Randy Truitt, Representative Philip GiaQuinta, Representative Sheila Klinker

Sponsors: Senator Dennis Kruse, Senator John Broden, Senator James Arnold


Provides that the fiscal body of a municipality may adopt a resolution renewing an enterprise zone for an additional five years after the date on which the enterprise zone is set to expire. Provides that new municipal enterprise zones may not be added after December 31, 2020. (Under current law, the board of the Indiana economic development corporation may not add any new municipal enterprise zones after December 31, 2015.) Amends the definition of "qualified investment" for purposes of an enterprise zone investment deduction after 2015 to include new information technology equipment, new research and development equipment, and new logical distribution equipment. Provides that all enterprise zones expire and must be phased out by December 31, 2030.