Authors: Representative Don Lehe

Co-authors: Representative Edward Clere, Representative Charlie Brown, Representative David Frizzell

Sponsors: Senator Patricia Miller


Removes the requirement that a direct entry midwife (midwife) have a collaborative agreement with a physician requiring that the midwife's client have a consulting physician. Requires a client to be examined by a physician who is qualified in obstetrics and gynecology at certain times during the pregnancy unless the client refuses and meets certain conditions. Extends the date: (1) by which a midwife is required to submit certain information to obtain an exemption from certain certification requirements; (2) relating to restrictions of use of the title "certified direct entry midwife"; and (3) after which practicing midwifery without a certificate is a felony. Requires certain information to be included in a midwife's disclosure form, client's records, and emergency plan. Requires a client's medical records that are prepared by the clients physician be provided to the midwife. Repeals certain provisions concerning physician collaboration.