DNA for felony arrestees.

Authors: Representative B Patrick Bauer

Co-authors: Representative Gregory Steuerwald


Requires every person arrested for a felony after June 30, 2015, to submit a DNA sample, and specifies that the sample may be taken only by buccal swab. Provides for the expungement of a DNA sample taken from the person if the person is acquitted of all felony charges, all felony charges are dismissed, or no charges have been filed after 30 days. Requires the officer who obtains a DNA sample from a person to inform the person of the right to DNA expungement and to provide the person with a form that may be used for DNA expungement, and permits the use of evidence other than a court order for expungement. Increases the DNA sample processing fee from $2 to $4. Allocates $500,000 semiannually to hold harmless all funds and to provide an additional amount to the DNA processing fund. Specifies that the discovery of DNA evidence tending to show previously unknown crimes committed by a person on bail may lead to revocation of bail or an increase in the amount of bail.