Professional licensing matters.

Authors: Representative Dennis Zent

Co-authors: Representative Ronald Bacon, Representative Steven Davisson

Sponsors: Senator Liz Brown, Senator Erin Houchin

Co-Sponsors: Senator Lonnie Randolph

Advisors: Representative David Wolkins, Representative B Patrick Bauer, Representative Charlie Brown


Requires an individual who holds a professional license or certificate and who is convicted of a misdemeanor or felony to provide written notice of the conviction to the appropriate professional licensing board not later than 90 days after entry of the order or judgment of conviction. Provides that if a professional license or certificate is initially issued to the holder less than 90 days before the date on which such licenses or certificates generally expire, the license or certificate does not expire on the general expiration date but instead expires at the conclusion of the next licensing period. Provides that a mandatory notice to a license holder of the upcoming expiration of the license holder's license must be sent at least 90 days (instead of 60 days) before the expiration date. Allows the professional licensing agency (agency) to delay issuing a license renewal for up to 120 days for purposes of investigation. (Current law allows a delay of up to 90 days.) Provides that, after December 31, 2017, athletic trainer licenses expire on a date established by the agency in odd-numbered years. Provides that the auctioneer commission is to elect officers at the first meeting held each year (instead of at the January meeting). Repeals the chapter of the professional licensing law concerning the revocation or suspension of a diabetes educator's license. Adds the failure to complete or timely transmit a pregnancy termination form to the list of violations subject to a civil penalty in the physicians licensing law. Provides that the members of the manufactured home installer licensing board, and the home inspectors licensing board serve at the will and pleasure of the governor.