Property tax appeals.

Authors: Representative Ben Smaltz

Co-authors: Representative John Price, Representative David Ober, Representative Cherrish Pryor

Sponsors: Senator Randall Head, Senator Douglas Eckerty

Co-Sponsors: Senator Lonnie Randolph

Advisors: Representative John Price, Representative Milo Smith, Representative Steven Stemler


Provides that when a deadline imposed upon a political subdivision, the department of local government finance, or the Indiana board in the property tax statutes is not a business day, the last day for the political subdivision, the department of local government finance, or the Indiana board to take the action required is the first business day after the stated deadline. Allows the fiscal officer of a taxing unit to establish a property tax assessment appeals fund to hold property tax receipts that are attributable to an increase in the taxing unit's tax rate caused by a reduction in the taxing unit's net assessed value (as permitted under current law). Provides that money in the account may be used only to pay a county assessor's appeal expenses and property tax refunds. Provides that the balance in a taxing unit's property tax assessment appeals fund may not exceed 5% of the amount budgeted by the taxing unit for a particular year. Provides that money deposited in the fund is not considered miscellaneous revenue and is disregarded for purposes of determining the taxing unit's property tax levy, property tax rate, and budget. Provides that a county assessor shall quarterly send a notice to the fiscal officer of each taxing unit affected by a property tax appeal. Specifies the information that must be included in the notice. Provides that each township assessor (if any) shall furnish to the county assessor all requested information necessary for purposes of providing the quarterly notices.