Sale of alcoholic beverages.

Authors: Representative Thomas Dermody

Co-authors: Representative Sean Eberhart, Representative Terri Jo Austin, Representative Philip GiaQuinta


Provides that a holder of an alcoholic beverage permit who is authorized by law to sell alcoholic beverages for carryout may sell alcoholic beverages for carryout on Sunday from 7 a.m., prevailing local time, until 3 a.m., prevailing local time, the following day. Requires alcoholic beverage sales in a drug store or grocery store to be rung up by a sales clerk and liquor in a drug store to be accessed by a sales clerk who: (1) has an employee permit; and (2) has alcohol server training. Provides that the provision that allows individuals who are at least 19 but less than 21 years of age to ring a sale of alcoholic beverages in the course of the individual's employment does not apply to dealer establishments. Makes it unlawful for: (1) the holder of a liquor dealer's permit, other than a package liquor store, to sell or distribute liquor through a self-service display; (2) the holder of a beer dealer's permit or wine dealer's permit to display beer or wine or beer and wine in more than one area or aisle of a licensed premises unless the alcohol is displayed in another partitioned area or room that is separate from other retail items for sale on the premises; and (3) a person who is the proprietor of a package liquor store, drug store, or grocery store to allow a purchaser, or any other person who is not a sales clerk, to ring up or otherwise record an alcoholic beverage sale. Establishes requirements and restrictions for certain drug stores or grocery stores and restaurants that are located in the same building.