Ordinances concerning appearance of real property.

Authors: Representative Timothy Harman

Co-authors: Representative Chris Judy


Prohibits a political subdivision from: (1) adopting an ordinance after December 31, 2014; or (2) enforcing an ordinance adopted after December 31, 2014; that regulates the appearance of real property or the appearance of a building or fixture located on real property if the real property is owned by a private person and contains a building used as a residence by a private person unless the ordinance will mitigate an actual or a probable hazard to public health or safety. Makes exceptions for ordinances adopted after December 31, 2014, that regulate real property that is located in a specific geographic territory that: (1) has been designated as a registered historic district under the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 or the jurisdiction of a preservation commission; or (2) encompasses buildings, structures, sites, or other facilities that are listed on the national register of historic places or listed on the register of Indiana historic sites and historic structures.