Charter schools.

Authors: Representative Robert Behning

Co-authors: Representative Justin Moed

Sponsors: Senator Dennis Kruse, Senator Carlin Yoder

Advisors: Representative Anthony Cook, Representative Bill Fine, Representative Terri Jo Austin, Representative Sue Errington, Representative Justin Moed


Provides that a governing body of a school corporation, a state educational institution, and a nonprofit college or university must register with the state board of education (state board) if it has not previously issued a charter for any charter school prior to July 1, 2015. Makes changes to the definition of an "organizer". Requires the state board to provide a formal evaluation of the overall state of charter school outcomes in Indiana every five years. Provides that a charter school may give enrollment preference to children of the charter school's founders, governing body members, and charter school employees, as long as preference is not given to more that 10% of the charter school's total population. Provides that if a proposal to establish a charter school concerns an existing charter school overseen by a different authorizer than the authorizer to which the organizer is submitting the proposal, the proposal must include written acknowledgement of the proposal from the current authorizer. Provides that a charter school may limit admissions to allow preschool students who attend a Level 3 or Level 4 Paths to QUALITY program preschool to attend kindergarten at a charter school if the charter school and the preschool provider have entered into an agreement to share services or facilities. Provides that a governing body is not bound by a collective bargaining agreement for employees of a conversion charter school. Provides that employees of a conversion charter school may collectively bargain.