Various education matters.

Authors: Representative Robert Behning


Requires the department of education (department), with the approval of the state board of education (state board) to establish: (1) formulas and other parameters; and (2) procedures; to be used by the department to determine whether the department shall investigate irregularities in the test results of a school's ISTEP program or a successor statewide assessment. Adds a definition of "student achievement information". Provides that the department shall provide access to a student's achievement information to the: student's parent, or if the student is emancipated, the emancipated student; and (2) each school corporation that provides instruction to the student. Requires that the state board, in consultation with the department, shall define "low population schools" and shall determine the criteria for placing low population schools in school performance categories. Provides that the state board's definition and criteria may include placing a school that fits the state board's definition in a "null" or "no letter grade" category. Provides that, for purposes of the choice scholarship program, additional requirements for eligibility or consequences may not be placed on an eligible school placed in a "null" or "no letter grade" category. Urges the legislative council to assign to the education study committee the issue of whether the department should develop a program using parent and student evaluations of certificated employees to: (1) increase parent involvement; and (2) improve the performance of certificated employees.