Various education issues.

Authors: Representative Robert Behning

Co-authors: Representative Gregory Porter


Allows grants from the safe schools fund to provide school wide programs to improve school climate and professional development and training in alternatives to suspension and expulsion and evidence based practices that contribute to a positive school environment. Requires the department of education to develop guidelines for use by accredited teacher education institutions in preparing teachers to successfully apply classroom behavioral management strategies, including culturally responsive methods, to provide alternatives to suspension and expulsion. Provides that before a child may be referred to the juvenile justice system for truancy, a plan to improve attendance must be developed and implemented for the child. Provides that a student may not be suspended or expelled solely for infractions related to school attendance. Provides that a school staff member may take disciplinary action instead of suspension or expulsion, especially for misconduct that is not related to school safety. Requires the state board of education to study various issues related to the collection and analysis of school discipline data.