Expressing opposition to the anti-Jewish and anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (BDS).

Authors: Representative Brian Bosma

Co-authors: Representative Edward DeLaney, Representative Bill Fine, Representative Sheila Klinker, Representative Woody Burton, Representative Lloyd Arnold, Representative Terri Jo Austin, Representative Mike Aylesworth, Representative Ronald Bacon, Representative James Baird, Representative B Patrick Bauer, Representative Robert Behning, Representative Greg Beumer, Representative Bruce Borders, Representative Mike Braun, Representative Charlie Brown, Representative Timothy Brown, Representative Martin Carbaugh, Representative Robert Cherry, Representative Edward Clere, Representative Anthony Cook, Representative Casey Cox, Representative Wes Culver, Representative Steven Davisson, Representative Dale DeVon, Representative Thomas Dermody, Representative Ryan Dvorak, Representative Sean Eberhart, Representative Sue Errington, Representative Dan Forestal, Representative William Friend, Representative David Frizzell, Representative Randall Frye, Representative Philip GiaQuinta, Representative Terry Goodin, Representative Doug Gutwein, Representative Christina Hale, Representative Richard Hamm, Representative Timothy Harman, Representative Robert Heaton, Representative Todd Huston, Representative Chris Judy, Representative Michael Karickhoff, Representative Clyde Kersey, Representative Cindy Kirchhofer, Representative Eric Allan Koch, Representative Linda Lawson, Representative Don Lehe, Representative Matthew Lehman, Representative Daniel Leonard, Representative Jim Lucas, Representative Karlee Macer, Representative Kevin Mahan, Representative Peggy Mayfield, Representative Jud McMillin, Representative Wendy McNamara, Representative Doug Miller, Representative Justin Moed, Representative Robert Morris, Representative Alan Morrison, Representative Charles Moseley, Representative Sharon Negele, Representative David Niezgodski, Representative Curt Nisly, Representative David Ober, Representative Julie Olthoff, Representative Scott Pelath, Representative Gregory Porter, Representative John Price, Representative Cherrish Pryor, Representative Rhonda Rhoads, Representative Kathy Richardson, Representative Gail Riecken, Representative Thomas Saunders, Representative Donna Schaibley, Representative Robin Shackleford, Representative Harold Slager, Representative Ben Smaltz, Representative Milo Smith, Representative Vernon Smith, Representative Edmond Soliday, Representative Mike Speedy, Representative Steven Stemler, Representative Gregory Steuerwald, Representative Holli Sullivan, Representative Vanessa Summers, Representative Jeffrey Thompson, Representative Jerry Torr, Representative Randy Truitt, Representative Matthew Ubelhor, Representative Heath VanNatter, Representative Thomas Washburne, Representative Timothy Wesco, Representative David Wolkins, Representative Melanie Wright, Representative Dennis Zent, Representative Cindy Ziemke


A HOUSE RESOLUTION expressing opposition to the anti-Jewish and anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (BDS).