Direct wine sales.

Authors: Senator Philip Boots, Senator Ron Alting, Senator Mark Messmer

Sponsors: Representative Thomas Dermody

Co-Sponsors: Representative Eric Allan Koch, Representative Edward Clere, Representative Terri Jo Austin


Removes certain requirements for the issuance of a direct wine seller's permit concerning filing of surety bonds or depositing cash in escrow. Removes requirements that before a direct wine seller may sell wine to a consumer: (1) the consumer must provide information in one face-to-face transaction at the seller's place of business; or (2) under certain circumstances, the consumer must provide a verified statement that the consumer is at least 21 years of age, and the seller must provide the name and address of the consumer to the alcohol and tobacco commission. Allows a direct wine seller to sell and ship wine directly to a consumer if the consumer provides: (1) the consumer's name; (2) a valid delivery address and telephone number; and (3) proof of age by a state government issued or federal government issued identification card showing the consumer to be at least 21 years of age. Amends the direct wine seller's annual permit fee. Increases the total amount of wine a direct wine seller may direct ship in Indiana during a permit year from not more than 27,000 liters to not more than 45,000 liters. Removes provisions establishing residency requirements for liquor wholesalers. Removes the requirement that a partnership, in order to hold a liquor wholesaler permit, must consist of members who each satisfy the individual applicant requirements for a liquor wholesaler permit. Clarifies that the wine excise tax and the hard cider excise tax must be paid by the holder of a direct wine seller's permit on applicable alcoholic beverages.