Spinal cord and brain injury fund.

Authors: Senator Patricia Miller, Senator Luke Kenley

Co-authors: Senator Mark Stoops, Senator Lonnie Randolph

Sponsors: Representative David Frizzell

Co-Sponsors: Representative Cindy Kirchhofer, Representative Ronald Bacon, Representative Charlie Brown

Advisors: Senator Luke Kenley, Senator Frank Mrvan, Senator Ronald Grooms, Senator Ryan Mishler


Allows the spinal cord and brain injury fund to be used to provide funding for facilities, treatment, and services for spinal cord and brain injuries. Specifies the percent of funds that must be used for treatment and services grants for spinal injury related services and the amount to be used for brain injury related services. Adds two members to the spinal cord and brain injury research board (board). Requires the board: (1) to consider applications and make grants to nonprofit health care clinics that employ physical therapists and provide activity based therapy services in Indiana to individuals with spinal cord and brain injuries that require extended post acute care; and (2) to consider the applicant's efficacy in providing significant and sustained improvement to individuals with spinal cord and brain injuries. Requires the state department of health to provide the board with certain financial information.