Redistricting commission.

Authors: Senator Timothy Lanane


Establishes a redistricting commission (commission) to create, hold hearings on, take public comment about, and recommend plans to redraw general assembly districts and congressional districts. Requires the legislative services agency to provide staff and administrative services to the commission. Establishes standards to govern the commission and the legislative services agency in the creation of redistricting plans. Requires the general assembly to meet and to enact redistricting plans for general assembly districts before October 1 of a redistricting year. Provides that the commission's plan for congressional districts becomes the congressional district plan when adopted by the commission unless the general assembly enacts a different plan by law. Authorizes the general assembly to convene in a session to act on redistricting bills at times other than the times the general assembly is currently authorized to meet. Provides that the new redistricting procedures apply to the establishment of legislative or congressional districts required after June 30, 2015. Repeals the current law relating to congressional redistricting. Makes an appropriation.