Pipeline construction.

Authors: Senator Jean Leising


Makes the following changes to the statute concerning voluntary pipeline construction guidelines for pipeline companies proposing to construct an interstate pipeline in Indiana: (1) Specifies that certain duties in administering the statute are the responsibility of the Indiana utility regulatory commission (IURC) instead of the IURC's pipeline safety division. (2) Requires pipeline companies to notify the IURC within a specified time before proposing to construct a pipeline in Indiana. (3) Requires the pipeline's notice to the IURC to include the proposed route of the pipeline and the designation of at least one project coordinator who will communicate with the IURC about the proposed project. (4) Sets forth the duties of a pipeline company's project coordinator. Amends applicable eminent domain statutes to provide that a pipeline company may not appropriate and condemn lands or easements in lands until the company complies with the statute concerning voluntary pipeline construction guidelines.