Controlled projects.

Authors: Senator Luke Kenley, Senator James Buck

Co-authors: Senator John Broden

Sponsors: Representative Jerry Torr

Co-Sponsors: Representative Anthony Cook, Representative Terry Goodin, Representative Donna Schaibley


Provides that for purposes of determining whether a capital project by a political subdivision located in Hamilton County, other than a school corporation, is a controlled project for purposes of the petition and remonstrance process or the referendum process, the cost of the project does not include any expenditures that will be paid from money that has accumulated or has been deposited by the political subdivision in a fund. Specifies that the political subdivision must, before the preliminary determination is made for the capital project, segregate the money as provided in a capital improvement plan, a capital development plan, or a similar plan adopted by the political subdivision. (Current law also excludes any expenditures that will be paid from donations or other gifts.) Provides that a person that owns property within a political subdivision or a person that is a registered voter residing within a political subdivision may file a petition with the department of local government finance (DLGF) objecting that the political subdivision has artificially divided a capital project into multiple capital projects in order to avoid the petition and remonstrance requirements or the referendum requirements. (Current law prohibits the artificial division of capital projects for such a purpose.) Requires the DLGF to make a final determination not later than 30 days after receiving the petition.