Horse racing matters.

Authors: Senator Luke Kenley, Senator Timothy Lanane

Co-authors: Senator James Arnold, Senator Jean Leising

Sponsors: Representative Sean Eberhart

Co-Sponsors: Representative Terry Goodin

Advisors: Senator Jean Leising, Senator James Arnold, Senator Ron Alting


Requires the Indiana horse racing commission (IHRC) to promote the horse racing industry in Indiana, including its simulcast product. Provides that promotional costs may be paid from the breed development funds. Increases the amount of money in the breed development funds that may be used for IHRC expenses from 2% to 4%. Provides that not more than 50% of that amount may be used to pay costs incurred to promote the Indiana horse racing industry. Requires the IHRC to annually report and account for its promotional actions and expenditures. Specifies that the number of days that the IHRC shall require for: (1) standardbreds to be at least 160 days, but not more than 180 days to race at Hoosier Park; and (2) horses that are mounted by jockeys and run on a course without jumps or obstacles to be at least 120 days but not more than 150 days to race at Indiana Grand. Provides that the minimum salary per diem for a member of the Indiana horse racing commission equals the maximum per diem amount that an employee of the executive branch of the federal government receives. Changes the appointment process for members of breed development advisory committees and the process to appoint new members. Changes the distribution of funds to promote horses and horse racing.