Midwife certification.

Authors: Senator Dennis Kruse


Transfers the responsibility for certifying direct entry midwives from the medical licensing board to the midwifery committee (committee). Removes the requirements that the committee establish: (1) continuing education requirements; (2) peer review procedures; and (3) geographical requirements for collaborating physicians. Removes the requirements that a direct entry midwife applicant must have: (1) a postsecondary educational degree; and (2) additional births beyond the credentialing requirements for a Certified Professional Midwife. Removes the requirement that a physician examine a midwife's client twice during the client's pregnancy. (However, this bill does not change laws requiring a midwife to refer a patient to a physician for certain health conditions.) Repeals: (1) a provision defining "board"; and (2) certain requirements concerning collaborating agreements. Removes certain expired provisions. Makes conforming changes.