Legend drug investigations.

Authors: Senator Patricia Miller, Senator Michael Crider, Senator Jean Breaux

Co-authors: Senator Ed Charbonneau, Senator Liz Brown, Senator Ronald Grooms, Senator Frank Mrvan, Senator Lonnie Randolph

Sponsors: Representative Timothy Brown

Co-Sponsors: Representative Charlie Brown, Representative Edward Clere, Representative Steven Davisson


Provides that certain laws concerning obtaining a legend drug or the validity of a prescription or drug order do not apply to actions of a person, practitioner, or pharmaceutical manufacturer performed in an investigation of a pharmaceutical manufacturer's legend drug that is suspected of being counterfeited, adulterated, or misbranded. Requires a pharmaceutical manufacturer that collects drug samples during an investigation to maintain records of the drug samples and to make the records available to certain law enforcement agencies. Prohibits a person from owning or operating a store, facility, or other place of business in Indiana where: (1) prescriptions are accepted to be filled; or (2) prescription drugs or devices are ordered, offered or advertised for sale, or paid for; unless the person has a pharmacy permit. Excludes mail order and Internet based pharmacies to the extent that they are allowed to operate under state law.