Adult entertainment performers.

Authors: Senator James Buck, Senator Ron Alting, Senator James Arnold

Co-authors: Senator Amanda Banks, Senator Lonnie Randolph, Senator Erin Houchin, Senator Travis Holdman

Sponsors: Representative David Frizzell

Co-Sponsors: Representative Christina Hale


Requires a holder of a retailer's permit that provides adult entertainment on the licensed premises to: (1) require adult entertainment performers to provide proof of age and proof of legal residency; (2) take a photograph of each adult entertainer who auditions to provide adult entertainment at the licensed premises and retain the photograph for at least three years; (3) require all employees to sign a document acknowledging their awareness of the problem of human trafficking; (4) display human trafficking awareness posters in at least two places in the licensed premises; and (5) cooperate with any law enforcement investigation. Authorizes the alcohol and tobacco commission to suspend, revoke, or refuse to renew a retailer's permit if the permit holder fails to comply with these requirements.