Clark County study commission.

Authors: Senator James Smith, Senator Luke Kenley

Sponsors: Representative Rhonda Rhoads


Establishes the Clark County tax leadership commission (commission). Requires the commission to: (1) study the structure and operation of each existing tax increment financing district in Clark County; (2) study the impact of tax increment financing districts on county government, municipal government, schools, libraries, public safety, and fire protection districts in Clark County; (3) study the overall tax structure of Clark County in order to make recommendations to stabilize the future fiscal circumstances for all Clark County local governmental units; (4) study the public services and infrastructure needs for potential population growth in Clark County as a result of economic development; (5) study whether tax increment financing strategies and policies in Clark County need to be changed or modified to support the potential population growth; (6) study any other fiscal challenge that the commission believes is affecting the greater Clark County area; (7) make recommendations for best practices concerning tax increment financing methods that ensure that all units of local government that are affected by the establishment of a tax increment financing district have meaningful input in the approval process; (8) prepare a recommended plan for the management of tax increment financing districts in Clark County; and (9) make recommendations for the development of a comprehensive land use and thoroughfare plan for Clark County that is transparent and practical. Provides that the commission consists of the following members: (1) One representative from the fiscal body of Clark County and from the fiscal body of each incorporated city and town in the county. (2) One representative from each school corporation in Clark County. (3) A representative of the River Ridge Commerce Center governing board. (4) A representative of One Southern Indiana. (5) The Clark County sheriff, or the sheriff's designee. (6) One representative from the Clark County Fire Chiefs Association. Provides that the president of the commission shall be appointed by the governor. Provides that the vice-chair of the commission shall be appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives. Provides that a legal counsel and a facilitator for the commission shall be appointed by the president pro tempore of the Indiana Senate. Provides that the commission is entitled to reimbursement of expenses from each redevelopment commission or other entity that has established existing tax increment financing districts in proportion to the incremental property tax revenue in the preceding year that is attributable to existing tax increment financing districts authorized by the redevelopment commission or other entity. Authorizes the commission to contract for professional services to complete its duties. Provides that the chair of the commission may request the legislative council to authorize the legislative services agency to provide assistance to the commission. Requires the commission to submit a written report of the study and recommendations of the commission to the legislative council before December 1, 2015, and to present the report at a public meeting. Provides that the commission expires May 1, 2016.