Charity gaming.

Authors: Senator Jean Leising, Senator Ron Alting, Senator James Arnold

Co-authors: Senator Lonnie Randolph

Sponsors: Representative Thomas Dermody

Co-Sponsors: Representative Philip GiaQuinta, Representative Richard Hamm


Provides that the prize for a progressive bingo game may not exceed $2,000. Provides that the total prizes for one pull tab, punchboard, or tip board game may not exceed $10,000. (Current law provides that the total prizes may not exceed $5,000.) Provides that the prize limit for a game using a seal card is $1,000 and a progressive or carryover pull tab game is $5,000. Requires that a qualified organization may pay for licensed supplies only with a check drawn on or by an electronic funds transfer from the qualified organization's gaming account. Provides that a licensed distributor may obtain licensed supplies to be used in charity gaming only from an entity licensed by the gaming commission as a manufacturer or distributor or from certain qualified organizations. Reduces from three years to one year the amount of time that an Indiana affiliate of a qualified organization holding an annual comprehensive charity gaming license must be in existence in Indiana before it may conduct a raffle or door prize event. Adds "bona fide state foundations" and "bona fide state organizations" to the list of qualified organizations that may receive an annual comprehensive charity gaming license. Requires a licensed distributor to notify the gaming commission of the sale of any licensed supply that has a certain prize level.